CharitiesOur public charity clients represent a broad array of philanthropic goals and social well-being missions, ranging from charitable, educational, scientific and religious, to name a few. They are constantly faced with regulatory and financial compliance and reporting requirements such as endowment restrictions, the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA), A-133 reporting and tax compliance. Public charities strive to be leaders with respect to good corporate governance while fulfilling their charitable missions. Likewise, our firm’s commitment to effective governance assists our clients with their fund raising activities by promoting and strengthening fund raising accountability evidenced by meaningful annual audits, financial statements and IRS Forms 990. Our firm provides accounting, auditing, tax and general business advisory services for over 275 nonprofit organizations. We effectively represent our clients before not only the IRS and meet with the offices of the states’ Attorneys General, as well as other governmental agencies on our client’s behalf.